What do I think? Sunday Riley: Effortless Breathable Primer

So, around this time last year there was a ridiculous amount of hype surrounding the release of the Sunday Riley effortless breathable primer and of course, being of a consumer driven nature i snapped it up in a jiffy. However, after a couple of uses it was quickly forgotten about because, this just in, unless you have perfect skin (which I most certainly do not), this sucks as a primer. The formula is highly silicone-y and if I put anything on top of it it balls up and settles in my already enlarged pores. So let’s just say effortless primer? I think not.


However, as of late I have been needing something to slap on for night shifts/uni and the likes that requires little effort and helps to just even this red blotchy face out a little. This seemed to be the most appropriate offering in my collection so i slapped it on.

ImageLO and BEHOLD t’was love or at least like. This gives a general smoothness, a general evenness and a very very light coverage. Thanks to the texture it lasts for a good 8 hours even on this oily face.

So, with this review we have discovered three things,

1. this is a terrible primer

2. this is a wonderful answer to your tinted moisturiser/bb troubles

3. I am very good at painting a disgusting picture of my face.

I will see you all again soon,
much love and all that jazz


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