Avon Ideal Flawless Foundation

What’s this? Another complexion related post? Who would have guessed. I do apologise for the lack of diversity recently in regards to these posts but I promise the next post will be about something that doesn’t have something to do with skin care, might even be EYESHADOW whaaa?!


However, for now I will crack on with yet another foundation. As I am sure you are all realising by now  I am a sucker for a glowy foundation with a reasonable coverage. As I am sure you have also noticed, they tend to be high end and as chemist brand ones tend to just be too thick, matte and heavy feeling. But then came AVON Ideal Flawless Foundation.


This foundation is a light weight, medium to high coverage foundation with a glowy finish. Now, I don’t know if I am imagining it but there seems to be a light amount of shimmer in this, giving a real glow to the skin. It is a gorgeous foundation, feels lovely on the skin and smells divine (not essential at all). It does give an undetectable coverage on the skin. However, I must say, for us oily skin girls it is not a keeper. I wore this over a primer and with a powder but it just disappeared by the end of the day around the centre of my face and on my cheeks. So whilst it gives a gorgeous finish it just did not offer the lasting power on my skin. So, you dry/normal/mature skins, will love this foundation if they feel the need to glow.

Insert awkward, foundation only photo here ^

Insert awkward, foundation only photo here ^

So, I will see you again soon with something fresh and new for you all.



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