Falling out of love is the hardest thing to do (Chantecaille anti-glycation primer review)

Hello again,   Ladies and gentlemen today is a momentus day. Today is the day that I publicly announce that I do not like a Chantecaille product.      *Gasp*. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to love it. I tried to use it everyday devoid of the consequences, alas, it could not be. This […]

A Brand New Adventure: Kate Somerville

On my many trips to Mecca Cosmetica I had always had a bit of a look at the Kate Somerville range but I had never really been inspired to buy anything as I had always assumed that  (a) It was far too expensive (b) It was for older skins and (c) I had obviously not […]

A BRAND new adventure: Elemis Part One

Hello hello you beautiful people, So recently I went on a bit of delve into Feelunique and their lovely skincare ranges. Thankfully the day that I decided to explore there was 50% off the Elemis skin sets plus 30% off all Elemis products. So me being a lucky ducky got 80% off my first ever […]