Choco-lots o’ love for this palette.

I am, by nature, a plain girl when it comes to my makeup. I will regularly spend about 2/3 of the time of perfecting the complexion and the remaining 1/3 is split between eyebrows, eyes and lips. So for me to love not just one or two shadows but an entire palette takes something pretty special.

Introducing the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette.


First up, I must say some part of me despises the fact that this palette smells and looks of chocolate. Why? Because some (probably male) marketing/design person within Too Faced headquarters has equated chocolate as a selling point for women. Can anyone say, gender stereotype? But this small, potentially misdirected feminist niggle is null and void when it is weighed up against the rather unmissable pros.

Firstly, the colours. Port wine, warm, matte browns and a lovely shimmery khaki are (a) right on time and on trend for winter and (b) seem to be complimentary colours on all eye types (specifically bringing out depth in brown eyes and coolness in blue). This makes it a splendid ‘one palette to rule them all’ kind of product.

Secondly, the texture. These shadows don’t quite hit the buttery mark (thank god, otherwise people might think I am dispersing recipes amongst my reviews) but they are soft and blendable. An easy to work with shadow is essential for a no fuss girl like me to keep my attention and keep me wanting to play but they allow me enough time to feel as if I was the one to have made them look so god damn FABULOUS.

Thirdly, the smell. It would be a disservice to you all to not mention the smell of this palette. Upon opening the palette your nostrils will fill with the heady aroma of pure, natural cacao. Not only is the smell mouth watering but it is accompanied with the knowledge that natural cacao is full of rich anti-oxidants making these eyeshadows good for the skin as well as dangerous for the waist-line. Thankfully however, the smell does not transfer onto the eye or elsewhere on the person.

The packaging is a little gimmicky but a lot of fun and seemingly an eye catcher, making it a conversation piece if nothing else. My personal favourite combination comes from salted caramel blended through the crease and cherry cordial take under the lower lashline and blended quite far down for that grungy “IDGAF but I also do a little bit, please notice that I am hip and cool and happening and what not”  kind of effect.

Photo on 25-03-2014 at 7.53 pm

Yet, another awkward photo of my mug sporting the look mentioned above.


Love palettes? Love chocolate? Love variety? Love eyeshadows? Then you will probably love this palette.   Disclaimer I will not be held responsible for any palette induced chocolate addictions/the onset of any palette induced multiple personality disorders or other physical and mental conditions catalysed by introduction to this palette.

ciao for now,



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