Two Words: Vital. Essence.

Hello strangers,

So after a rather long sabbatical, otherwise known as laziness and neglect, I am returning to grace your screens with my rambles and raves. 2014 looks to be an absolute killer year in the beauty world as most brands seem to have had some sort of universal brain explosion and the new releases that are reaching our shores look absolutely INCREDIBLE.

However, for now, I would like to focus on a (new) old faithful. True to form, my first post back is going to be a skin care one.


Chantecaille is one of those brands that just exudes luxury. Their packaging, sleek. Their ingredients, dreamy. Their products, akin to putting heaven on your skin.
Their Vital Essence serum is no exception. The serum hosts super powerful vitamin C, rose, some sort of rare form of hyaluronic acid, grape seed oil and vitamin E. It is suitable for everyone and everyone (except for people that would rather pay their rent and eat) and on my acne prone skin has smoothed, brightened, faded scarring and hydrated like a mo fo. The lightweight elixir  turns into an almost water like consistency and can be used on it’s own  or under moisturiser/under eye cream, around eyes, face, neck and chest and one pump should keep you covered.

In summary, this serum is basically like holy water for the skin. No matter what your ailment, it will heal you. Go forth and sample.



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