Lush’s Hair Doctor + a very sad hair story

Hello hello,

So today’s post is a very long one with loads of ingredient info, a review and a couple of dilemma’s which I have currently encountered. So grab a cup of tea, some biscuits and a blanket. Settle in an prepare to hear me whinge and share with you a little bit of new found wisdom and a couple of words of warning.

May I just start by saying I have always had healthy hair,  I don’t heat style it (except maybe once a month for a party or something like that), I get it cut regularly and I don’t douse it in product. But recently my hair had become dry at the ends, began to snap every time I brushed it, was falling out in large amounts from the roots and got very easily knotted. I had no idea why this was happening and so I was upping the amount of Alchemy Wheat Protein Conditioner I used and resorting to more frequent use of Morrocan Oil in order to smooth and tame my ever growing number of fly away hairs.  I also began to take more omega-3 and multivitamin supplements (which also contained iron) in order to try and strengthen the hair from the inside.
I then cut a good 6cms off my hair to get rid of any coloured bits, and dry ends that I was developing. On this trip to the hairdresser I asked in despair what could be happening. After much speculation, it was decided that it could potentially be the over use of wheat protein in my shampoo and conditioner. It turns out that if your hair is damaged protein is essential to repair it, however if your hair produces and has enough protein, added protein may cause it to become brittle and prone to breakage and fall out. So a word of warning, if your conditioner and shampoo are restorative or conditioning they may contain protein which may in fact damage your hair if used too frequently. Needless to say, I have ceased my use of these products in hope of hair resurrection.


My poor, dry, brittle hair pre cut and hair mask

Upon more research I was also awakened to the damaging effects of silicone. Now, I was always aware that silicone was one of the primary ingredients in Morrocan Oil, hence it’s smoothing effects. However, over use of silicone will create a shaft around hair which, seals the cuticle creating a barrier around the hair. This means no moisture can get to the hair and hair eventually becomes overloaded with product, becomes brittle and breaks. It is also linked to hair falling out as it blocks off the hair follicles. Silicone can be removed with a detoxing shampoo such as Bumble and Bumble’s Sunday Shampoo, which I have purchased and is currently on it’s way to my house. However, until then I have ceased use of morrocan oil and am using a natural hair mask prior to washing my hair rather than a treatment/styling oil afterwards.

In an attempt to bring my hair back to life in a more immediate fashion I purchased Lush’s Hair Doctor which is one of their fresh masks. I used it on two occassions, before shampooing and conditioning my hair. It contains irish moss, jojoba oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, olive oil and coconut oil (amongst others). It really smells strongly, almost like dencorub and the smell doesn’t really go away even after shampooing twice.  However, it did make my hair appear smoother and healthier, even after only two uses. So i can imagine using this once a week would do wonders.


An absolutely terrifying shot of me, during hair mask

I have now begun using a new range of products called organic instinct, I am using the normal shampoo and conditioner from the range which contain many natural essential oils and are paraben free, not tested on animals, sulfate free etc. I will report back on whether this makes a difference and there is less fall out. There are absolutely no silicones or proteins in these products. I have also begun using Lush’s Roots hair treatment pre-wash to stimulate hair growth and restore my scalp and hair health. My hair is definitely feeling healthier, and easier to manage but is still falling out as it is obviously still recovering from all of the nasty things I have done to it by actually trying to treat it.


Hair post hair mask, pre cut. Looking much better but still feeling brittle and falling out like nobodies’ business


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