Avon Magix Face Perfecting Primer

Let it be known dear friends that I am an avid lover of Avon. They have the most magnificent mascaras, wearable eyeshadows and lovely bases. So of course, when their first face primer was launched I put my forty dollars on the doorstep and waited for my magic primer to arrive.


The Magix face perfecting primer has all the claimed benefits of any good primer. Smoothing? check. Pore Refining? Check. Oil Controlling? Check. SPF 20? You got it. So could you blame me for being excited?
The primer has that strange cream/powder feeling that the benefit porefessional has. And once smoothed over the skin has a very similar finish to porefessional in that it smooths over pores and lumps and bumps to give a matte finish. Theonly problem is once you put the foundation over the top you can see a build up product on ALL of your pores. I have strange white/skin toned dots all over my nose which I rubbed in and they seemed to be fixed. However, three hours later (after working in a steamy kitchen so maybe not a fair test) the dots were back full force. And my oil was worse than I have seen it in a long time. Fair to say my skin did not like this primer one little bit. So, if, like me you have oily skin this primer is most definitely not the one for you. In saying that, the Benefit Porefessional had the exact same effect on my so my skin may not agree with the cream/powder formulation of these products.


As one of Avon’s most expensive products I was the most disappointed I have ever been with any Avon product. I will be handing this pricey little tube onto someone with a drier less porous , read: sponge like,  skin and will report back with their satisfaction.


So, I am still on my quest for the perfect primer and when I find it DEAR LORD bells will be rung. Until then, toodles my chummies I will see you soon for my great goodies from the month of June.


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