REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask vs. Nude Miracle Mask

So, recently I was fortunate enough to get my hands on samples of the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask and the NUDE Skincare Miracle Mask as I was in the market for a brightening, chemically exfoliating mask. Both of these masks are surrounded by good feedback and hype. Both claim to make skin radiant through their use of AHA’s (natural, chemical exfoliants) such as glycolic acid, papaya extract and the likes. Chemical exfoliants act to lower the pH of skin temporarily in order to cause the skin cells to renew and re-balance to their natural state. The cell turn over and ‘out with the old in with the new’ nature of these ingredients is what causes them to make your skin appear more radiant. I used both of these seperately for a couple of months and here is my verdict.

Texture and Scent

Both of these products have very distinctive, very different textures and smells.



The REN offering looks like marmalade and is a thick, sticky texture. It also smells like apricot jam on toast. I would be lying if I said I didn’t like this…infact it makes me a little hungry . You simply smear it generously all over your face with fingers or an old foundation brush and leave it on for ten minutes, then wash off with warm water. Easy, quick and not as messy as one might think.


The NUDE offering, on the other hand smells like those fizzy sherbert lollipops, the ones  that look like spaceships that you used to be able to get from the newsagents for 20 cents that came in array of pastel colours and had those paper sticks….i digress.  It is a creamy, white colour and has a slightly jelly-ish consistency. It also contains rice beads which gives it a gritty texture.  You massage it in for a minute, then leave it on for 5 minutes and wash off with warm water again.

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NUDE Miracle Mask                                                    Picture Taken From –



As these are AHA masks their primary focus is to promote cell renewal and ‘slough away the dead skin cells’ (a tag line of both brands). I would say the NUDE offering does more for clearing out the pores due to the manual exfoliation from the rice beads. However, the nature of these masks is not a clarifying exfoliation but more a brightening. For this I say both work excellently.


The main seller on both of these products is their claims to brighten and renew the skin. The NUDE mask showed more immediate results and seemed a little stronger (it had a little more sting than REN), my skin appeared more glowy and was visibly and texturally smoother immediately. However, the REN seemed to develop overnight, making skin look and feel soft and radiant by morning. Both imparted radiance and smoothed my skin beautifully. I would say the NUDE got my immediate affection due to the immediate results but overall the REN gave my skin a radiant finish for longer and seemed to just get better and better with time. I would say, if you have a night out planned and your skin needs a pick me up immediately, the NUDE is for you and if you have some time to wait and see results then go for the REN.


The NUDE offers a  stronger tingle and causes skin a little more irritation so if you have sensitive skin I would steer away from this product. The rice beads are also a little scratchy (something which I personally like after weening myself off face scrubs) but could really get up your goat (oo-er) if you are prone to broken capillaries.
The REN mask feels soothing when it is being applied and only begins to tingle in the last minute or so.

However, after about a day both deliver similar results in terms of visible effectiveness.


The REN Radiance Renewal Mask comes in at $66 dollars for 50mL

The NUDE Miracle Mask at  $66.50 for 75mL

Capturewindows-7-vs-windows-82 (1)NUDE mask


I personally love the REN mask because I thoroughly enjoy waking up with a slightly new face but the NUDE offering saved my face before a crucial social night out. Both will probably end up in my kit at one point or another, but fun to my head have to make a decision REN wins in terms of price, smell, feeling and results.

p.s. Unfortunately, I only managed to get photos of the REN offering because unlike most experienced, normal bloggers I don’t think to photograph things as I use them, so my deepest apologies.

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