Weleda Skin Food: A Review

Hello again,

So if you have read any of my blog posts by now you will know that I think that Lucas Paw Paw ointment is probably the best things since sliced bread but with less carb-loaded, tummy hating side effects. Recently on one of a series of feelunique.com splurges I popped the Weleda Skin Food into my basket, thinking I could use it as a heavier moisturiser on dry patches during winter. Little did I know that this tube is so much more than a moisturiser.


The products is thick and almost waxy in texture and smells strongly of citrus and other earthy, natural smells. However, once rubbed in you can’t really smell anything.

When i opened it up, I thought oh. Well, I guess I can’t really use this on my face as it says targeted for rough patches like elbows and knees. So this kind of got pushed to the back of my cupboard and forgotten about. However, I ran out of paw paw ointment a few weeks back and my lips were in desperate need of some TLC. So i brought this out and popped it on. By the next day my lips were repaired!  Dare I say….. this is possibly even better than paw paw ointment (for lips that is). After then lending it to my brother’s girlfriend for a week to mend her ripped up hands I got nothing but positive feedback from her on this front (and after using it for this purpose myself I must agree). I have also used it as a moisturiser on dry patches around my face, on my feet, on my elbows and on my knees and it has proved itself in all of these situations.


Myers is a stockist of  Weleda products however, if you can’t get your hands on it  this way Feelunique stocks it for $15.66 AUD. It is absolutely worth the price and I feel like I may have filled my current paw paw ointment void until I decide to repurchase again (which I undoubtedly will).

I would love a bit of feedback from you, so feel free to tell me what you would like to read about, learn about, see and I will absolutely do my best  to give the people what they want.

See you all soon!
Dani xo


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