Keihl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution: A Review

As by now you all would be aware my skin is not shy of developing the odd pimple (or ten) which bothers me, but what bothers me more than anything is the dark marks and scarring they leave behind, even when I am a good girl and don’t squeeze.

IMAG0299After reading so much about the Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution and being a great lover of the midnight recovery concentrate I took the plunge, forked out my $65 dollars and hoped for a miracle. Sadly, a miracle did not arrive. You see my friends I bought this product to fade my scars that were already existent and on this level it simply does not perform. After using it for about three months on one scar I pretty much notice as much fading as the scar would naturally have within that time, so no improvements on my skin’s natural fading skills.


The ‘solution’ looks and feels like thickened water, and smells like nothing (a plus?). When rubbed onto the skin it takes a minute to sink in and is invisible. You simply pop a drop or two from the pipette and onto your finger and dot it on the areas you need.IMAG0298

I then did a little research on other people’s uses for this, turns out lots of others use this as a spot treatment to prevent scarring on active pimples. So, now I have re opened the serum in a hope that it is “clearly corrective” when used this way. I can honestly say that I am very confused. Maybe it is making a difference? Maybe it is the placebo effect? Maybe my skin is just doing it on its own?





IMAG0301Whatever is happening, it is simply not good enough to justify the price tag. Unfortunately, Kiehl’s have disappointed me with their empty promises on this one. I will finish the bottle (I am only about half way through) and report back if I am suddenly wowed but don’t hold your breathe for that one. All in all I say if you have spare money floating around somewhere feel free to take the gamble, but if your skin is like mine you may lose out.


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