Winter Skin Wonders

When it comes to winter we naturally turn to layering with our clothes to keep us warm, protected and healthy. The same principle is applicable with our skin. During the harsher weather it is important to keep skin hydrated from the inside out and to protect it from the constant and harsh weather changes or at least minimise and reverse the damage.

Most of this extra care for me happens in the night as part of my night time skin care routine. I like to give my skin a break from the makeup, air conditioning etc. and just boost it’s moisture levels and plump it up. With this little regime I can almost hear my skin say aahhhh with relief.


First up, you need a cleanser that can nourish, soothe and cleanse your skin in one. For me, Emma Hardie Amazing Face Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm has become the one for me and I can now not imagine not having it as part of my collection. Cleansing balms or oils are amazing in the winter because their oil components work in two ways. Firstly, oil attracts oil, so they draw out all the yucky makeup, oil and dirt from the skin to give you a good cleanse but also, natural, cold pressed oils are ridiculously nourishing for the skin so whilst they take away the bad they add the good. It is also an incredible feeling to massage a warm oil onto your face when your skin is feeling cold, dry and dehydrated. Belisimo!!

Secondly I layer on a treatment. Something that will work over night to really give my skin a good kick up the backside with it’s nourishing properties. For this, my current product of choice is the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. A little bottle full of natural botanical oils and other botanical goodies which really gives my skin some love. You need three drops of this product , which explains why after six months I have not even used a third of it, which i then gently press and massage into my face until I feel like it’s started to be absorbed. The oil has an extremely calming, lavender/rosemary type smell which makes it perfect for before bed and just sinks in overnight so the next morning my redness is soothed, my skin is nourished and I am left one happy camper. On desperate days I have been known to put 6 drops all over my face which leaves me looking like a greaseball but really helps to eradicate those yucky dry or tight patches by morning.

Last but not least is the moisture surge. A good moisturiser is essential all year round to keep your skin in good shape. However, in the winter not using one leaves skin feeling tight and looking dull and downright crap. I have found the Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream but it is important to find a good moisturiser targeted at your skin type. Listen to your skin, if you normally have oily skin and your skin feels tight and is producing more oil, you may need to find a more nourishing moisturiser than the one you are currently using.

Sometimes, a moisturiser isn’t enough and this is when the layering comes in. On days when my skin is really craving a moisture injection I will either interchange moisturiser for the Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Mask, or I will layer the mask over the top of the moisturiser for an extreme night time skin overhaul. This mask just locks in the moisture from the other products as well as acting as a hydrator aswell. Clinique also has a overnight hydrating mask that is recommended as well as the much coveted Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask.

By layering products, you help to increase the effectiveness of your routine as well as giving your skin a boost from a variety of sources. During the day time I simply use a moisturiser and the Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector SPF, but I am looking to invest in some sort of hydrating barrier cream. The first on my list is the Mario Beduscu Control Cream, or the Hyaluronic Day Cream.

Last but not least, don’t forget that skin health is also highly effected by what is going on inside your body. Si be sure to drink plenty of water, eat foods high in Omega 3 and healthy oils and fruits and veg packed with nutrients. All in all by the end of the winter your skin should be looking healthy and glowy and well looked after.

Thanks for reading guys, and please let me know what kind of things you would like to hear from me!
Lots of love


Extra Links:

Kiehl’s Website for countries other than Australia

Mario Beduscu Products for Countries Other than Australia


4 thoughts on “Winter Skin Wonders

  1. my skin is oily- but i’m less prone to pimples and more prone to blackheads because i have quite large pores. any recommendations to reduce the appearance of blackheads/pores?

    • Hi, yes absolutely because I have exactly the same problems myself. I would suggest that you get yourself a good exfoliator, I prefer a chemical one such as REN AHA concentrate because that gets in and cleans out the pores, however a gentle non abbrasive one works as well. Use that about once every two or three days. Rosehip oil is also absolutely incredible for clearing out blackheads and toning pores. The thing however that has MOST improved the appearance of my pores and blackheads would have to be a good balm cleanser. After one use of the Emma Hardie balm I was amazed, I had never seen my pores look that clean! Unfortunately, having clogged pores is genetic so they will probably always be there but these are the things that I found helped most in improving the appearance of my own. I hope this helps 🙂 Thankyou for reading the blog!

  2. I just wondered. I live in sydney and I’d really love to buy emma hardie cleansing balm! Where did you get it?
    Thanks for sharing!

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