Paint The Town: Maybelline Mini Colorama Nail Polishes A Review

So Maybelline Nailpolishes are not a bunch that you hear of or see very often. I bought the minicolorama in Redcurrant Jelly on a whim one day looking for a deep, maroon coloured nailpolish. These were on sail so I picked it up. When I first put it on it looked quite sheer and uneven. I really thought that it was going to be crap polish. When I put on the second coat it became quite opaque. With a top and bottom coat the polish lasted on my nails for 6 days without any chipping. I was impressed. So, for three dollars a piece, I purchased another three colours.

The three other colours which I bought were Urban Turquoise, Party Blue and Urban Lemon.  They are all really vibrant shades. I love the price tag that comes with the polishes as well as the size  of them. They are mini, which may seem like a down side but in reality is a perk because let’s be honest, other than top coats, I personally can say that I have never finished a nailpolish before it became gluggy, sticky or dried out.

IMAG0254 Party Blue

IMAG0255 Urban Lemon

IMAG0256 Redcurrant Jelly

 IMAG0257Urban Turquoise

IMAG0260 Party Blue In Action



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