A Brand New Adventure: Kate Somerville

On my many trips to Mecca Cosmetica I had always had a bit of a look at the Kate Somerville range but I had never really been inspired to buy anything as I had always assumed that  (a) It was far too expensive (b) It was for older skins and (c) I had obviously not done my research.

Caroline Hirons is world renowned as a skin care goddess, and as far as it goes her word is gospel. After reading through pretty much ALL of Caroline Hiron’s blogs I was really hankering to get some Kate Somerville into my life as her praises could not have been sung any louder.

The Kate Somerville Skincare Philosophy is detailed here http://www.katesomerville.com/meetkate/the-philosophy/. Basically, Kate Somerville products were developed by dermatologist Kate Somerville to target various skin care issues to give women and men relief from their skincare woes and to give people confidence. Scientifically researched, cruelty free and primarily natural products. Sounds promising right?


IMAG0229The one product that I was chomping at the bit to try was the Goat’s Milk Cream. I have never really found a moisturiser that seems to have done anything particularly special for my skin and all of the intensely moisturising ones seemed to give me an oil overload. Caroline discussed how this helped to reduce her adult acne outbreak. The cream is designed for sensitive skins. It claims to be intensely hydrating, quickly absorbed and soothing.

IMAG0230The cream comes in a 50mL pot and is $62 from Mecca. Firstly, the packaging is very strange and took me a good few minutes to work out. It comes in a pot but once you remove the lid it appears as if it has a second lid. This turns out to be the pump. You press down the white section and from a small hole in the middle out comes the cream. I advise that you turn the pot upside down and do this directly into your hand as the first few times I had a bit of a moituriser explosion on my bathroom mirror. The spout, once you are used to it, is a nice hygienic way of using a pot moisturiser and distributes the exact amount of product you need for face and neck. The cream itself smells very natural and is unfragranced. It is a cream that feels both light weight and rich at the same time. It absorbs quickly into the skin and feels very nourishing. I can honestly say that this is the best moisturiser I have ever used and it does not in any way break me out, in fact it seems to calm my redness. It is a lovely moisturiser for day and night and has been very hydrating for my dehydrated, flaky winter skin. Definitely worth a try and worth the price.

IMAG0233Next up is the EradiKate pimple treatment. Firstly, as you all know I thoroughly enjoy a good pun and this one didn’t fail to disappoint. I purchased this after my Malin and Goetz acne treatment died and I was left feeling unfulfilled with it’s effectiveness in properly blitzing my pimples. This treatment is similar to the Malin and Goetz in that it is a sulphur based treatment with alcohol on top to preserve and prevent the product from drying out. However, this one has a few more ingredients that seem to make it that little bit better. It has a potent combination of AHA’s to chemically exfoliate and remove dry flaky bits, zinc oxide to control production of excess sebum and to act as a natural antisceptic and Sulphur to get rid of pimples.

IMAG0231Unlike the Malin and Goetz this stuff really does seem to make my pimples disappear within a day or two rather than drying them out and letting them linger for days.  You simply dip a cotton bud into the pink sulphur sediment and then dot onto pimples overnight, when you wash it off in the morning voila your pimple should appear smaller and less inflamed. It is 30mLs which is a decent amount of product and only $25 dollars ( larger and cheaper than the Malin and Goetz). I would definitely say that this acne treatment is the best I have found because instead of simply drying out my spots it genuinely treats them.

So all in all I must say that Kate Somerville has got my tick of approval and I cannot wait to try some of her ExfoliKate range and one or two of her serums. This brand has genuinely impressed me more than I ever thought they would.

Caroline Hiron’s Blog- http://www.beautymouth.com/

Caroline’s Goat Milk Cream Rave- http://www.beautymouth.com/2011/10/hall-of-fame-absolute-must-have-kate.html

EradiKate Acne Treatment Links- http://www.katesomerville.com/eradikate-acne-treatment/


Goat Milk Cream Links-                    http://www.katesomerville.com/goat-milk-cream/



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