Making It Up As We Go Along: Part Two- The First Aid Kit

If you delve into most women’s handbag they have some sort of first aid kit rolling around. Whether it be tissues and panadol, hand gel and a couple or bobby pins or whatever it may be most women realise the need to be prepared for a multitude of situations. I have compiled a little bag containing my ‘first aid kit’ which gets me through most situations and will hopefully get you through as well.


1. Paw Paw Ointment- By now it has probably become apparent how much respect I have for this stuff. I keep a little pot of it in my bag for dry lips, insect bites, cold sores and a variety of other things. This little beauty is a must have. Other alternatives may be the Trilogy Everything Balm or Moa Balm. I would leave the vaseline out, it is just a barrier cream not a real solver of problems.

2. Hand Cream- There is nothing worse than having hands that feel dry. Constant washing or use of alcohol based hand gels can really take a toll on travelling hands so a good tube of hand cream is always a good idea to have knocking around in your bag. My personal favourite at the moment is the A’kin Unscented intensive hand, nail and cuticle treatment. It soaks right in and gives your hands a good boost of moisture. Something to keep in mind is that hands are the second place age shows most after the face and neck, so keep em at their best for the future.

3. Handgel- We’ve all seen that guy on the bus sneeze into his hand and touch the rail, or the trolley or the door handle. We have all accidentally touched someone else’s chewed up gum stuck under the seat or the table.

4. Band aids- Saviours of feet being destroid by shoes, childrens knees after a fall off the monkey bars. Always handy, always needed, always appreciated.

5. Tissues- There will always be someone who is asking for a tissue, especially in the winter months so even if your nose isn’t running save yourself the torture of having to listen to the constant sniff of someone else suffering from a lack of preparation.

6. Drugs- Calm down everyone I am talking about your stock standard paracetemol, cold and flu tablets or antihhistamine

7. Scissors- they come in a lot handier than you might think.

8. Deodorant or small perfume sample- Something to ward off the unexpected stinkies after a long day or impromptu social gathering.

9. Gum, mints or a small toothpaste and travel toothbrush- An unexpected meet up with someone and suffering from coffee breath. An impromptu sleep over and suffering from morning breath? One should always be armed with a minty get out of jail free card. Always.

So there you have it, a little kit to get you through it all and the end of my Handbag Essentials duo. What are your musthaves for your handbag or work desk. I would love to hear from you all and get some feedback.

Toodlepip lovelies


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