A BRAND New Adventure: Elemis Part Two

So, I am back again with part two of my exploration of Elemis.

This time I am having a little look at the Balance and Purify Duo, which is unfortunately unavailable at the moment on feel unique but I will post the individual product links below.


The first part of this duo is the Balancing Lime Blossom Cleanser which has a similar gel/cream hybrid feel to the tri-enzyme wash but is a little more creamy, which sits well with me.


The cleanser does seem to balance out the skin and clear out problem skin without drying it. However, on days where my skin is less oily it does leave a slight tightness on the skin and needs a good moisturiser to follow it up to make my skin feel nice and clean. I would definitely recommend this if you do have  oily/acne prone skin however I would say invest in a good moisturiser for your skin. If it was in a battle next to my beloved REN Clearcalm 3 Clay Cleanser however, it would fall over in an instant as it cleanses well  but doesn’t nourish as well in the way that REN does.

The second part is the Balancing Lavender Toner which seems nice. That’s really all I can say, I have already expressed how I feel about toners and cannot quite find their purpose. This toner feels soothing, smells wonderful  and doesn’t leave  tightness on the skin. Other than that however, after using the toner I have not noticed any improvements or changes in my skins appearance.

So, all in all when it comes to this duo I would say buy the cleanser but skip out on the toner. You don’t need it and it is quite expensive for what it does.

We have reached the end of our adventure now and ELEMIS has been put through the paces. Overall, they have come out looking pretty good. I wouldn’t say they have converted me but I wouldn’t pass on giving some more of their products a go. My favourite of the four bits I have tried has to be the tri-enzyme facial wash so if you want to try anything I would say that’s the one to go for.

I hope this has been insightful and can’t wait to do some more adventuring with you all.
See you soon!

Dani 🙂


3 thoughts on “A BRAND New Adventure: Elemis Part Two

  1. I like Elemis Apricot Toner. Though I agree that it is difficult to justify money spent on toners, this one is wonderful as a mid – day wake up spray. Very refreshing and apricot scent makes me feel like it is summer already.

    • Yeah I agree, I use it to freshen up my makeup when I feel like it looks too heavy. Two or three spritzes gets rid of any cakiness that appears throughout the day

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