A BRAND new adventure: Elemis Part One

Hello hello you beautiful people,

So recently I went on a bit of delve into Feelunique and their lovely skincare ranges. Thankfully the day that I decided to explore there was 50% off the Elemis skin sets plus 30% off all Elemis products. So me being a lucky ducky got 80% off my first ever Elemis purchases.

The sets that I purchased were the Brighten and Resurfacing Duo and the Balance and Purify Duo (unfortunately they stopped selling them as a set but you can buy the products separately still).

I just wanna say from the beginning, when it comes to toners I don’t really notice much difference. They don’t seem to do much other than refresh the skin a little but I often find them a little drying and a bit of an unnecessary little step.

The Brighten and Resurfacing Duo  consists of:


Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash  which claims to use fruit enzymes to resurface the skin as a very gentle exfoliator.

It is a strange gel/cream texture that doesn’t foam (which I like) but thickens a little bit as you massage it in.

 Image (A dodgy looking image I know)

At first it seemed to do not much in terms of exfoliation, but it does make your skin feel softer bit by bit. However, after not washing it off for about 30 seconds it starts to tingle like an AHA. So, all in all I would say that this is nothing life changing but it does soften the skin and after a couple of uses skin appears brighter, though if you have dry patches it won’t exfoliate off all those dead skin cells you will need something stronger. I have been using this once ever

y three nights as my exfoliator rather than my usual St Ives Scrub (which was tearing the shit out of my skin and making my acne worse! No no no no) and my skin seems to be enjoying it quite a bit and the more I use it the more I like it.

The Soothing Apricot Toner is a lovely  little number. It smells lovely and does feel soothing however, I find, that after the tri-enzyme wash it really isn’t necessary to soothe the skin as the wash is quite gentle and the skin doesn’t need extra cleansing. It does seem to calm down any redness a little bit  but on my skin redness is generally in the form of pimples which no toner can combat effectively.

So, all in all I would say if you are thinking about buying this kit it is absolutely worth it. It works out to be about 22 dollars per product which is a ten dollar discount even when you don’t get my lucky 80% off. The products are mostly natural, are not too abrasive and smell amazing. It did take a while for me to notice a difference but now that I have I must say, I like what I see.

So, all in all, Elemis you seem to be on the right path so far but I must say you are yet to make an addict out of me.

Toodle pip guys, will see you all again soon with part two of our first ever Brand New Adventure.


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