Brushing Up: My Essential Brush Suggestions

So, it is a well known fact that I am a bit of a brush junkie. I find it very hard to resist a good bristle. So it’s fair to say I don’t have a capsule brush collection and I find it hard to stick to one or two brushes. However, I have put together a little start up essential kit to give you guys my opinions on what to have in your brush collection if you are just starting up.

To help you put a face to the names

If you open me I will tell you which brush is which, it may just help you put a face to the name.

Firstly is the foundation brush, I don’t personally like to paint on my foundation. I find you get a better finish with a more even coverage and skin like appearance if it is buffed in. For this my personal favourite (and the one featured in the pic) is the hourglass foundation brush (i have the retractable version). It is synthetic which means it doesn’t soak up product and it is great for just buffing in your foundation effortlessly and flawlessly. For a much cheaper alternative I would suggest the real techniques expert face brush or the buffing brush from the real techniques core collection (which is such an excellent start up kit and only 40 dollars for five brushes BARGAIN). You could also use fingers to apply foundation as long as they are clean or a sponge if you like that better. Brushes just work the best for me but really, it is your face.

Next up is my concealing brush must haves. For this you will need a small detailing brush (I use a lip brush) and a blending/buffing brush (i find a fluffy eye shadow brush best). I simply dot the concealer onto the blemish with the lip brush and then ever so gently buff over it to blend it into the skin using my fluffy eye brush.

For cheeks I find a smallish blush brush with a slightly tapered top  is best so that you can blend your blush nicely without ending up looking like you are awfully embarrassed or attempting to start a career as a clown. This same principle applies to bronzer and highlighter, though for highlighter I prefer an even smaller brush so i can put it just where I want it.

When it comes to eye brows, mine don’t really need much filling in because well, when I do I can start to look a little bit like the evil baby from the simpsons. You will need a thin, angled brush (or a pencil if you prefer) and a spooly (those things that look like mascara wands) or a brow brush (the ones with the comb on one side and the little brush on the other).  Brush your brows upwards with the spooly and then use small amounts of powder or pencil in light, hair like strokes to fill in the gaps/shape your brows.

For eyes, it’s up to you. I fyou are a complete noob (like myself) then a cream shadow blended in with fingers and a slick of mascara could be exactly what you are looking for, in which case   you have no need for brushes. However, if you are looking to create powder looks with eyeshadow or get a little more fancy you will need a short shader brush (something flat, smallish in the shape of a semi circle) and a blending brush (the fluffy eye brush that you may also be using for concealer) and if you wanna do a little bit of lining I suggest you invest in that angled brush for your brows as that works as a perfect lining brush, or buy a small fine liner brush (mine was 5 dollars from K-MART, you don’t need to spend big to get it right). I pack on my colour with the short shader, blend out the edges with the fluffy brush and do any defining or lining with my angled/fine liner brush. Simples.

For lips, that small detailer brush that you used for your blemishes can be given a clean (I suggest investing in a brush cleaner they are about 5-20 dollars) and can then be used to paint in your lipstick, lipgloss, i personally try and apply from the bullet with my fingers a majority of the time.


The one thing I would add is to make sure you clean your brushes! Give them a good shampoo at least once every two weeks, lather em up, rinse em clean with cold water and let them air dry on a flat surface. You can use hair shampoo or baby shampoo as long as you rinse all the shampoo and product out properly.

So, I hope this helps, and if you have ANY questions feel free to comment below and I will get back to all of you.
Much love and all that good stuff,



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