25 Things You Should Know About Me

Hello there,

It’s me, Dani, all though at this stage you know absolutely nothing of me so let’s dive right in and get acquainted

1. My friends call me pickles, a nickname I was kindly awarded after being told my appearance and personality suited me to this vegetable totem…great..

2. I am currently in my first year of studying Midwifery at uni. Not the most glamorous profession,  making this blog even more of a sanctum for me.

3. After seven years of horrible acne ridden skin me and my oily combination complexion are finally becoming friends..give or take a few blemishes

4. I am an absolutely obsessed by Here Comes Honey Boo Boo at the moment, that child and her rag tag family give me such joy and I hope that if I ever have a family we can be as happy, carefree and hilarious as they are.

5. This march I will be shaving my best friend’s head for the World’s Greatest Shave.

6. My favourite book series of all time, and a sure fire way to make me laugh on my own, is the Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging series

7. I have a strong weakness for cheese, doesn’t matter how strict a diet I am meant to be on, there will always be room for cheese in my life

8. If I could look like anyone in the whole entire world it would be Scarlett Johansson, that hourglass figure, those lips, that voice, I could be a God amongst women

Seriously, Can you blame me?

9. I am incredibly clumsy and “goofy”. I remember running up a flight of stairs at borders, fully aware of the eyes of a sexy young chap on me,  racing my mother. I got up two stairs, tripped and let out the largest guffaw in the history of the world. I stood up (dignified and graceful as ever) and turned, red faced, to see him stifling his giggles with tears of laughter in his eyes. Sadly, our romance did not blossom any further.

10. I am told regularly by strangers and friends alike that I am the doppelganger for Kat Dennings. More specifically, for her character in Two Broke Girls. I am told that we have the same personality and look the same. Personally I don’t see it but apparently EVERYBODY ELSE does.

11.  I absolutely adore miserable, cold, rainy weather it makes me feel happy and cosy. Pity I don’t live in England or I would be right at home.

12. I absolutely HATE being in photographs, I cannot smile like a normal human.

13. I have precisely 38 freckles and beauty marks, and yes I have counted.

14. I love red heads, I am both absolutely attracted to people with red hair and wish I was a person with red hair. Sadly, my hairdresser has informed me that orange tones will clash with my complexion, so it’s brown and blonde for now i guess 😦

15.  The only place I have ever been overseas is to Calabria, in Italy when I was five because that is where my family is from except for one grandma from Sicily.

16. I love to spark up friendly conversations with sales assistants, especially when they seem grumpy, you know what they say if someone isn’t smiling give them your smile. Most of the times they take my smile and in return I giving a look that says “please, crazy woman, leave here now, I don’t want to have to call security”

17. I hate drunkenness, the lack of control in yourself and others scares the crap out of me so I avoid it as much as possible.

18. I have no tumblr, no twitter and no pintrest. I am technologically impaired and the format of those sites intimidates me no end. However, every day I get closer and closer to cracking and becoming a bird, or a twitter, or a twitter, or a tweeter or whatever you call them.

19. My quiet place is in my bathroom, where i often sit on the floor with a book, experiment with makeup or just listen to music for an hour or so to chill out.

20. Laura and I used to debate together in high school, and now we are going to adjudicate, I love it. We are all nerds deep down, my nerd just lives closer to the surface.


1. My favourite foundation of all time, is a toss up between the Bare Minerals foundation in light and the Bourgeois Healthy Mix Serum in 51. I adore a pale, clean, luminous skin that looks healthy and loved.


2. My all time favourite lip and cheek product is Benefit’s Benetint, it’s my no make-up make-up secret and ensures that I will always receive comments of how “lovely and pink” my natural lips are.


3. Mascara wise I love a flutter and a flare but no clumps. For this reason I have to go for Revlon’s grow luscious which i apply only using the tapered end and working for the roots. It gives me just the right amount of volume and flutter and never clumps


4. I am absolutely obsessed with bright lips at the moment and have to say that my most beloved lipstick, is M.A.C.’s Girl About Town. A perfect pink with a dash of fuschia. What’s not to love?


5. I am yet to find my shade of eyeshadow, in fact a strong eye is just not my style. So for now I will stick with, and only on special occasions, a thin late 50’s early 60’s liner done with Maybelline’s, incredible, Eye Studio Gel Liner in the shade Blackest Black.


Hopefully that gave you a little insight into me and you feel like you know me better. Don’t worry, we have ages to get accquainted. I have a feeling that we are going to be spending a lot of time together. That’s all from me for now, but not forever. Thanks for dropping by




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